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  Informative Articles

Next Symptoms Of Irritable Bowel Syndrome
vary quite widely from patient to patient, but there are some common symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome that can indicate an IBS diagnosis. They include:diarrheaconstipationalternating diarrhea and constipationstomach painbloatingexcess gas or windnausea.You do not need to have all of these sy. . .
Next An Effective Acne Skin Care Regime
Acne is one of the most common skin conditions today. It affects or has affected nearly everyone at one time or another. Acne skin care is the most important tool in reducing or eliminating outbreaks. Many different things contribute to healthy skin.Acne occurs when oil and dead skin cells clog p. . .
Next Are Things Hopeless?
On its face, judging from what we get in the media, it would seem our world is spiraling into the abyss. Putting aside that “doom and gloom” is a profit center for the media, there is reason for concern but also reason for hope. That hope resides in each of us as individuals. Evil can only . . .
Next Coral Calcium: The Preferred Source of Absorbable Calcium
Coral Calcium is an excellent source of readily accessible and absorbable calcium in the body. Superior 100% pure fossilized, coral calcium is harvested from above ground, meaning that no harm is done to any living coral.This unique formula contains a form of calcium, which is alkaline, and suppo. . .
Next Why Diets Fail And Appetites Rule
To understand why diets fail, and why so many are turning to weight loss surgery, we must take a look at what drives the average person. In other words we need to better understand appetites. There is a common thread that every overweight individual that I have ever met shares, including myself. . .
Next Cosmetic Surgery – Vanity or Healthy Choice?
Cosmetic and plastic surgery has long been associated with vanity, but mounting evidence suggests that in many cases cosmetic surgery can offer substantial health benefits. Nose jobs can offer real health benefits in addition to improving the symmetry of the face. Face lifts have been shown to . . .
Next Colostrum: Immune Support From Mothers' Milk
This complex mixture of nutrient-rich growth factors, immunoglobulins, glycoconjugates and a variety of other important immune boosting compounds is a natural way to improve your physical health and well-being.Colostrum is found only in the liquid that comes just before mother's milk, and provide. . .
Next Calcium Magnesium: Biobalanced for Maximal Bone Support
Balancing calcium with magnesium is an essential part of the effort to build and maintain strong and healthy bones.Although 99% of calcium is found in your bones, the other 1%, which circulates throughout you bloodstream, is equally important to maintaining good health. Every cell in the body nee. . .
Next Transfer Factor: The Key to Immune System Memory
Transfer Factor represents one of the most exciting advancements in immune system health. Transfer factors are tiny molecules of protein, which are produced by immune cells called T-cells. Transfer factor is based on the foundation that key immune information can be transferred from one cell to a. . .
Next Combine Luxurious Bedding with Fragrance for a Restful Sleep
Sleep can come at a premium some nights. We live stressful, hectic, active lives and when it’s time to finally lie down on the bed to sleep we need every advantage we can get to fall asleep quickly to get the rest we need. If you can quiet the mind and relax you are well on your way to slumber l. . .
Next ‘But I don’t want Muscles!’ - Part 1: What Muscle is, and how to Build (or Avoid) it
Copyright 2005 Tanja GardnerOne of the common comments I hear from my female clients is, “Please don’t give me any weights work – I don’t want any muscle, I just want to tone.” The reasons differ from client to client, but it most often they seem to be based on a misunderstanding of what muscle . . .
Joints can handle some heavy pressure. For example, knees handle a force of three to four times a person’s total body weight on average when just taking a walk.The force of a deep knee bend during a squat can increase to nine times the body weight. So just imagine multiplying weight of more than . . .
Next Restless Legs Syndrome or Growing Pains?
Restless legs syndrome is a common sleep disorder affecting about 1 in 10 adults. Characterized by an uncomfortable, and sometimes painful, itching or prickling in the legs and an uncontrollable desire to move the legs, restless legs syndrome is one of the most common causes of insomnia.It is no. . .
Next Hand Fans Are Ancient Art Forms and Practical
Using a hand fan is still very popular today, especially in the Far East. At one time, using a fan stated your place in society. The earliest pictures of fans are found in China from 3000 BC but the Japanese are credited with this art form, and it is thought that the folding of the fan was to re. . .
Next Use Air Filters and Common Sense for Allergy Relief
Do you suffer from allergies or asthma? If you are one of the millions of people that do, air filters and air purifiers provide much needed relief. Do you have smokers in the house? Air filters or air purifiers get rid of smoke and odor in your home. Different filters will accomplish differen. . .
Next How to Make Pizza Healthy for You
Copyright 2005 Ryan CoteThis article may come as a surprise to you...Pizza. It's the weakness of many, many people including me. I love pizza- always have. I eat it in moderation, but it's still one of my favorite foods.There's now good news for pizza lovers.According to Men's Health magazine, re. . .
Next GlutImmune: Powder for Immunity and Digestion
GlutImmune™ is a very convenient high absorption source of glutamine. Glutamine is an amino acid that allows for improved immune system and brain function, balanced blood sugar levels, digestive tract health, and increased muscle mass.Glutamine is used as fuel for immune system and intestinal cel. . .
Next Anabolic Hormones - A Two-Edged Sword
When I was a young boy, emerging muscles were the coolest thing. If a vein popped out a little, that was even more awesome. There were no fitness centers or body building gyms to amount to anything back then (Stone Age). If you aspired to brawn, Charles Atlas paraphernalia advertised in comic b. . .
Next Health And The Economy
We normally do not think that health is related to economics other than with regard to the costs of medical care. But there is another more fundamental way money impacts our wellbeing. If you could not pay your bills or had to worry about where the next meal would come from, would you be thinki. . .
Next Is Vitamin E Lethal?
Recently the news carried the story that a researcher had discovered that taking vitamin E at a level of 400IU or more increases the risk of death. (Jan 2005, Annals of Internal Medicine http://www.annals.org/content/vol142/issue1/) I was immediately suspicious because I have studied the scientif. . .

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